Show your PRIDE with Hair Wins!

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Hair Wins Shows PRIDE


The sole creation of Hair Wins is Pride. Our Mantra is Hair for all, no matter your Gender, Orientation, or Lifestyle. Even the creators of Hair Wins are a Gay couple who embrace their relationship on Social Media, YouTube through their Couples Channel, and also in their everyday life by living their truth undeniably. We fight with PRIDE every year past and present for Equality and Fair treatment for all in every aspect of life. One day we truly believe that we will be in a place where equality goes without being said. We stand with our Him, Her, They, and Them to fight for what is right this Pride 2018.

At Hair Wins we want to break that stigma that extensions are only for women. It starts with us and we are ready to break the mold. For Each and Everyone: Hair is universal. Hair will always win is forever and always for all. 

#Pride2018 #HairWinsPridefully

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