About Us

Hair Wins Founders


Jay — 24yrs old, Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. Entrepreneur, Consumer, and brand ambassador for hair extensions over the past 4 years. 

Tee — 23yrs old, Licensed Cosmetologist in the state of North Carolina. Entrepreneur, Consumer, and Stylist focusing on Hair Extensions over the past 5 years.

  — As a couple, they have been together for almost 3 years and are just getting started. Their future is bright and they are determined and dedicated to their works. They also enjoy traveling and vlogging - all of which can be seen on their joint Youtube channel: Tee & Jay TV


Hair Wins, LLC is an independent owned hair extensions company built & designed by owners, Tee & Jay. With Tee being a licensed cosmetologist in the state of North Carolina and Jay being a hair ambassador and consumer for many years, the couple has been rooted directly in the beauty industry.  The primary goal of their decision to embark on a hair company was to focus on representing all demographics. No matter Gay , Straight, Transgender, Male, or Female... all should feel comfortable to purchase hair extensions. They designed Hair Wins, LLC to be an all inclusive company that would bring people of all walks of life together, in hope that no matter who you are you can wear and sport hair your own way. At the end of the day, HAIR WINS!!!


Hair Wins, LLC began as an idea back in 2016. The couple individually already had other obligations to fulfill while trying to build the company from the ground up. Both of Tee & Jay were students and worked full time jobs before investing in their business. Dedication, hard work, and patience while planning Hair Wins was the ultimate test for Tee & Jay. They began working silently on Hair Wins by testing different hair vendors to find the best quality virgin brazilian hair to supply to their soon-to-be customers. With Tee completing school in the Cosmetology world the future of Hair Wins took off. Both individuals work diligent to structure and build Hair Wins, LLC from the ground up.  Although it was not an easy task, the couple did not want to cut any corners. Two years of hard work finally paid off and the results are this amazing concept of "Hair Wins" to unite a nation of diversity.